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The souls of city dwellers often seek sanctuaries that calm one’s soul and rekindle the immemorial spirit of adventure in one’s heart. At Hill Country Hotels & Resorts, we strive to do just that. Situated in alluring towns of South India, our hotels do not merely provide accommodation facilities, but rather provide a sanctuary for your soul. We believe that each place exudes a certain charm and vibe, and it is this magical essence of the land that is imbibed in our hotels and resorts.

Our resorts, therefore, embody their locations; be it with the old-world charm of a town like Kodaikanal, or with the gentle sloping terrains of Lovedale, or the still backwaters of Varkala.

We, at Hill Country Hotels & Resorts, believe in curating an atmosphere that lets your spirit run wild through the hills and valleys of enticing locations. Warm service, clean surroundings and a penchant for recognizing your needs before you voice them, are traits we pride ourselves upon.

Each of our properties are built with a single-minded intention - your comfort. We believe that each guest deserves an unforgettable travel experience and our veteran staff strives to provide just that. An intimate and romantic holiday awaits you and your loved ones at our splendid properties.

Rediscover love, adventure, and life at Hill Country Hotels and Resorts.

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